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  • Seba Haddad


Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Do you LOVE charming design details in boutique hotels? Is it an added delight to your journey? 🛎️

As a designer, I like to experience everything from the font on the menus to the robe hooks behind the door.

So I’m starting this series called PLACES, SPACES & TYPEFACES to share my love for all things design. Hope you like it 😊

Let’s start with KIMPTON ST.GEORGE, TORONTO since that’s where this pic was taken.

The moment you walk in to the lobby you can immediately see the attention to design detail everywhere. There is an atmosphere of intimacy and authenticity through the use of natural materials. Full of feminine, organic shapes and archways at every corner, you are invited into a cozy and nurturing space, it’s like a giant HUG!

To balance out the beautifully modern refurbished aesthetic, the Typeface for the hotel wordmark as well as the restaurant The Fortunate Fox are a stylised somewhat Gothic font which bring to mind a sense of heritage and old world craftsmanship. Custom art and furniture pieces from local artisans add to the unique brand and personality of the hotel.

I will end this post with a SHOUT OUT to my DREAM CLIENTS; if you’re a boutique hotel owner, airBNB host, B&B creator, boutique travel agency or dream of manifesting the above..I would LOVE to be your branding partner 💙


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