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Creative Coaching

R E :  D I S C O V E R

As entrepreneurs and humans, we are hard-wired to seek connection, likes, interest and be accepted by other human beings. Sometimes we get lost in the mix and trust trends over our own truths. And as a result, the version of ourselves that we show the world might be a mere presentation of who we think we should be and not a reflection of who we really are.

I believe that you and your brand are one the same. Even if you have multiple brands, you certainly have many layers. Everything you create in this world is an extension of you. Whether it’s your home decor, your personal fashion style or your company, product or service.

I want you to visualise your brand as your personal stamp on the world. It’s the mark and legacy you leave behind. It’s your essence, your core, and your deepest driving force. I believe your most powerful brand is a reflection of your true authentic self, but to truly know your authentic identity is a journey and a process.

Through 1:1 creative coaching and workshops, we can connect with the rich sources of  inspiration inside you. This will help you express yourself more authentically and bring your visions to life.

" Working with Design Republic Studio was an amazing experience. Seba is so professional, extremely creative with her ideas and designs, always thinks out of the box and pours her heart and soul into what she is doing turning a simple idea into a well established brand. She sets the bar so high that one can never work with another. I highly recommend Design Republic Studio. "

Sara Abou Youssef , Co-Founder at Trink Global

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